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Welcome to another episode of Live SEO Support!

Live SEO Support is an hour-long Weekly Livestream where our founders, Nicholas Altimore and Chris Tzitzis, take questions from the audience on anything related to SEO.

It’s 100% free, and anyone can join us weekly in our Facebook Group or on Youtube.

But in case you missed us live this week, here’s the full episode:

This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[20:39] I do web travel directories, and drop very deep, can you suggest how I can improve my ranking?

If your ranking dropped recently, you should try to determine whether a recent Google algorithm update may have caused it. You should look at your site in Ahrefs or Google Analytics and see if any downtrends in keywords and traffic.

Please check out this article for more information on possible reasons why rankings drop suddenly.

This link will teach you more about all of the different algo updates that have been rolled out in the past.

[46:44] Hey guys, my question is: If I am targeting a keyword such as “best 5 product companies”,  and that keyword has 2 competitive sites in the SERPs (general technology), but aren’t 100% niched-down specific to the product, and both sites have 5000 referring domains (3500 dofollow) via the homepage (many of which are 80+ DR with a few inner links direct to page that’s ranking (4 nofollow coupon type links).

Would it be possible to beat them with a new website using SirLinksalot + Onpage + supporting content interlinking to the target page?

Yes, if you continued targeting this particular SERP, you could potentially perform better than these other sites. The first thing anyone should (and it looks like you did this) is to search for your target keyword in Google and see if there are any sites on the first page SERP that are not authority sites. If you see other smaller sites on the first page, then it’s definitely possible that you could target this keyword and get ranked (especially if you decide to use quality backlinks, solid on-page optimization, and great supporting content articles). 

For the specific keyword mentioned in your question, we believe it will be pretty difficult to beat out the top sites ranking for that keyword (at least without a sizable budget). We would start out by targeting the lower competition long-tail keywords. The search volume will be lower but they will be easier to rank for. You can consider targeting the main, high traffic keywords after you’re able to rank for the less competitive ones. You’ll probably end up modifying your onpage SEO to better target those main keywords too.

 It’s always a smart tactic for newer sites to avoid targeting the main competitive SERPs in the beginning. Instead, perform solid keyword research and try to find easier keywords that are accessible and more targetable.


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