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[07:18] How many internal links to other pages are too many?

It all depends on the length of your content. Even then, there is so much wiggle room.

The best rule of thumb is to have a range based on word count and diversify from there.

For example, if there are 1000, have 1 to 4 inner links. Try to get as relevant as you can with those links.

Also, just look at your page, and if you see too many links in a way that distracts readers, you probably have too many.

There actually isn’t a single limit on inner links. The most important consideration is really user experience.

[13:13] How do you do good SEO in such a saturated market?

It’s definitely not saturated in the affiliate market.

The cool thing about SEO is that not many people know how to do it well.

There is no degree in SEO that you obtain. Learning is a continual process because you have to stay on top of changes and new techniques.

If you’re not good at SEO at the moment, focus on low-competition projects and work on finding long-tail keywords and zero search volume keywords. As you master these low-competition sites, move up a tier and do more competitive stuff.

Rinse and repeat.

Note that SEO is a very broad market with a lot of places to focus on. Look for the niche you want to settle into to increase your chances of success.

[21:41] Will SirLinksAlot ever do full-service SEO?

We can’t rule it out; but, as of now we are a link-building agency, and our main focus is backlinks.

Full-service SEO is also not as scalable and takes a different type of knowledge and know-how.

Every single site we work on requires a different set of skills and approaches. If we were to do it, we would only take on a very small number of clients, and probably with a different company from SirLinksAlot.

[25:14] What country are you traveling to?

I’m going to Turkey first, then maybe Thailand or Korea afterward. If you guys have any suggestions on places to go, let me know. I’ll be traveling for a while!

[26:37] Please explain what your Barrage bulk packs are good for.

These link packs are as cheap as you can possibly get them for a real website.

They don’t have much authority, but we like to use them for diversification and authority.

So, if we work on a website and its backlink profile is a bunch of crap, these links can help with that.

You can also use them to diversify anchor text. If a website has only exact-match anchors or almost no branded anchors, these put more natural anchors in a cost-efficient way.

We also use these for Tier-2 link-building.

[33:19] How often do you update content on pages you are trying to rank in very competitive niches? I am in the #14 spot right now but have not updated in years.

I suggest you update now.

Adding new content, especially for more competitive keywords, takes a really long time to rank, even if you have an authoritative site.

My advice would be to check Ahrefs every three months and note pages that have decreased in rankings or are just not doing good. Update those.

[39:46] What should I do when I’m stuck on page 2 in a SERP in a very competitive niche?

Figure out why you’re on page 2.

Is it because you don’t have much authority? Do you not have as many backlinks as the sites on page 1? If you’re in a competitive niche, maybe you haven’t been in that niche as long? Is your content lacking? Does your search intent match? Does your website have enough topical authority?

[42:00] Clients have lost trust in a lot of SEO experts (i.e. scammers), so how can you distinguish yourself from the rest and get high-ticket clients?

We don’t work in client SEO anymore. We are link builders, so we do work in a niche of SEO where there is not a lot of trust.

We established our authority by creating a website and publishing a lot of relevant and informative articles. We basically do a lot of content marketing, and we don’t even sell SEO. We just give free information to establish ourselves as a trustworthy company.

Many of these so-called “gurus” and “experts” are all talk.

If you’re taking on SEO clients, don’t just talk about SEO but also do it and show that skill off.

Define your brand and be educational. You need to demonstrate to potential clients that you can do what you say you do and not just ask them to “trust” you.

Do things for free if you’re at the very beginning of your career. One powerful tactic is to send targeted, personalized emails to potential clients showing via video how you would improve their website instead of blasting cold emails with a generic pitch.

[51:45] How can I remove my spam score in Moz?

I wouldn’t worry about your spam score in Moz. It’s not a score we look at at all.

If you look at your backlink profile and you think there is too much bad stuff in it, diversify it by building new, high-quality links.

[56:11] What is the standard of a good backlink?

Check out our article to learn what makes up a high-quality backlink.

The main components are authority (how many backlinks the site has), power (how many links go back to that specific page), and relevance (how relevant the backlinks are).

Depending on your website, the prominence of each of these three components may vary, but you don’t want to get a bunch of links that are high-authority but not too relevant.

Niche relevance falls under an umbrella, from the broad topic down to the more specific ones. When going for relevance, have both broader topics and super-niche ones.

[1:03:48] Are profile backlinks considered high-DA but not too relevant?

With social profiles, I wouldn’t think about relevance at all.

A Facebook page is a social profile, but it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s relevant.

We use social profiles for tiered link-building a lot.

[1:06:32] What about technical SEO? Should I have a look into it?

Absolutely. Internal linking, keyword cannibalization, website structure, and URL structure are the most important factors to look at.

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