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But in case you missed us live this week, here’s the full episode:

This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[24:45] If I am going after a less popular niche (low to medium Ahref keyword ranking), with a new URL and site (and my competitors do not use PMD / EMD and do not have many in-title content rankings), do I have a better chance of jumping over their organic results quicker than if I used a company name URL?

Yes, you would have a competitive advantage by choosing a PMD or EMD . In this case, we would advise that you use a PMD. We use PMDs for almost every project that we start. Moreover, we do not recommend using Ahrefs’ keyword ranking as a good metric of assessing your competitors (but it’s pretty good for getting a general idea of whether you want to target those specific SERPs or not).

[30:00] Should my blogs link out to another high authority website? In other words, do I receive any benefit if I create an OBL (with keyword) to another authoritative page (in regards to my own DA / PA)?

Yes, you can build Trust / Relevance with Google by deploying outbound authority links from your site (with branded, naked, random anchors) to other high-authority informational content sites. This is a best practice and we recommend doing it whenever possible in a natural way (just the right amount of OBLs that are necessary).

[37:15] Do you think backlinks or adding content can revive a site that is heavily damaged by Google updates? Or would you just scrap the website?

Yes, adding backlinks & content will absolutely help to revive a website after being hit with a penalty. This is exactly what we would do in most general cases. Specifically, adding authority links that point to the homepage and revitalizing or creating additional content to go along with them. We rarely scrap penalized websites except in extreme cases.

[44:20] Have you guys sold sites that have a decent # of PBN links? I feel like the brokers consider them to be risky.

It’s true that PBNs can be risky. You shouldn’t advertise that your website is using PBNs when trying to sell it (unless the buyer really wants the PBNs), because it’s not going to benefit the deal very much. If you’re able to transition out of using PBNs before selling the website, this can improve your chances.

[50:59] How long do backlink campaigns take to start showing results?

This depends on a few factors. But in our experience, the longer a domain and its assets have been established, the quicker you will see results from a new linking campaign. Fresh domains and high competition can mean you may not see decent results for 6 months, 1 year, or longer.

[1:03:40] How can I build guest post links for a local site by doing outreach?

Basically speaking, you will start with solid keyword research and then identify blogs that are relevant to your target niche. Finally, you will be sending lots of cold emails to try and persuade potential clients that you can add value through your content.

[1:22:05] Do you think SEO is a bad career from a psychological perspective? We have less control over Google’s platform and I find it frustrating to wait for Google’s approval.

Everything you said is true about lacking control, and this is part of the reason why people give up on SEO. In order to succeed in SEO one has to be patient, persistent, diligent, aware of best practices & control the factors that are in your power to control.

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