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[11:51] Two site audits—PBN concerns

You can get volatility using just one PBN link, but one PBN won’t screw everything up. Your organic traffic went from 20 down to 12, which is not really a cause for concern since your organic keywords are going up. Yours is a local niche site that was set up only a few months ago and has very limited traction in the SERPs. If you don’t have that much experience with black hat methods like PBNs, then it’s not the right time to use a PBN anyway, much less one for a money keyword anchor. On-page is good. As for anchors, we like to see natural-looking anchors which are branded and naked—particularly on your homepage. Whenever we start link-building, we need to get a full view of the campaign. Google is taking into account your whole website, and they will paint a narrative of what looks natural and whether it will be rewarded in the SERPs. Focus on higher-quality natural anchors focusing on guest posts and niche edits. No more money anchors and sending links to inner pages. No more new PBNs. Do not deviate from this plan until you see these rank graphs start to correct themselves. It’s not the end of the world. Your site is still at the very beginning of its journey.

[48:32] What was your “aha” moment in SEO, the biggest revelation, and the moment that led to substantial website growth?

Nick: There are a lot, but the one that I always think about was the first time I saw a piece of content go viral, naturally. An inner page going to a very small site was hit with a ton of links. In analyzing that data, I got an idea of what looks natural in the SERPs that I could play with and emulate. That moment didn’t come until I was already fairly successful as an SEO. What a lot of people miss is that you need to have an inquisitive mind as an SEO to figure out why certain sites are rewarded. The more you do that, the better able you are to create a recipe for success. As an early SEO, the “aha” moment is how SEO can take you in many different directions, and I realized that I had to choose a path and stay the course.

Chris: The fact that, at any given moment, you can reverse-engineer any site on the internet, see exactly what they’re doing, do that, and you’re going to rank. You’re not alone, and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just emulate the top rankers, and you’ll do great.

[55:32] I have a general health affiliate site that earns with single product reviews and best x for x. Since it’s a general niche site (a 3-year-old domain) that ranks for a random niche health supplement, I’m starting to think it’s better to build some topical authority in one niche with content and links (for example, a supplement for better bed performance). What do you think? Should I go vertical on one health topic and then start with another one? Or continue to publish random health product reviews? I see now that topical authority is a big thing; so, how would you proceed in this case?

I would stick to one thing at a time. Focus on something like “better performance in bed” and do a ton of articles about that rather than working on multiple niches at once. You’ll get better results that way. You can get away with being more general, but it depends on how competitive the niche is. But for health, you’d definitely have an advantage if you cover these topical maps to their fullest before moving on to a new thing.

[59:59] Should we look at PBNs as hot dog water unless we get them for you guys?

The deal with PBNs is that there are a bunch of people selling them, and the extreme majority are pretty bad. You need to test diligently instead of just putting in a huge order. Start small and test them on sites that you don’t really care that much about. If you have multiple PBNs to pull from, then you’re doing a good job of diversifying. You have to be able to audit PBN links by yourself. If you don’t have that skill yet, it’s probably best to stay away from PBNs for now.

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