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Link profiles with a mix of authority, power, and relevance.


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All domains have their history combed for past abuse.


Packages to Fit Your Budget and Goals

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SEO Domains and You

Uses, Saftey, and Prerequisites

How to Use

The aged domains that we hunt for you are great for turning into PBNs, using as a foundation to get a head start on money sites, and using as 301 redirects.

Hat: White Hat

It’s completely white hat to buy aged domains for SEO. However, that could change depending on if you decide to make PBNs out of them.

Site Health

There is nothing you need to do in advance to prepare for buying SEO domains. They will be the starting point for your money site or PBN sites.

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Quality Link Profiles Analyzed by the Pros

Hunting for PBN domains or aged domains in general is one of the most complex tasks in SEO. When you buy aged domains from us, you can rest assured that our domain hunting experts have meticulously combed through the sites’ backlink profiles to find those with a healthy mix of power, authority, and relevance that will actually help you rank – unlike useless metrics like DA, DR, and TF that many unexperienced hunters use to gauge a site.

Domains Found Just for Your Project

Whether you’re buying domains for PBNs, money sites, or 301s, during our consultation we will learn about the specific details of your project and it’s exact needs and specifications. We then use all the tools at our disposal to hunt the domains you require out of the hundreds of thousands of domains at auction. When the job is done, you’ll have the exact domains you need in your niche with quality backlink profiles to ensure your SEO success.

Only Domains with Clean Histories

You have to be careful when buying aged domains because with age comes a history. When you buy domains from our hunting service, you know that the sites have had their histories thoroughly inspected for spam, prior PBN use, and extended parking or redirects. When you receive your domains, you can be sure that they are indexed and safe to start using immediately. 

The Full Package without the Time or Hassle

The process of looking for PBN or SEO domains is extremely time consuming and full of ways to make mistakes if you aren’t exactly sure of what you’re doing. With our domain hunting service, you get exactly the domains you need for your PBN, money sites, and 301s in a ready-to-go package for a price you can afford. And if you want your domains built into PBNs, we’ve got you covered there as well! Let our experienced SEOs go to work hunting and building for you.

Get the Aged Domains you Need for SEO

Domains Hunted with our Experience and Your Needs and Goals in Mind.

How it Works

Our simple, hassle-free process


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Applying is quick and easy and only takes a minute. Give us some information about your project and budget so we can get back to you with a game plan.


One of our SEO pros will reach out to you after reviewing your information to further discuss the parameters of your project to make sure you get exactly what you want.


The Hunt Begins!

Work will begin hunting for your domains as soon as you make your payment. Sit back and relax or focus on other tasks while we do the heavy lifting for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please Read before Contacting Us.

How long will it take?

The entire process can take from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the size of your order and if you are having them built into PBNs.

Do you provide hosting?

No, we do not provide hosting at this time. If you are having PBNs built by us, your domain needs to be hosted first. We provide guidance to help you through the process.

What metrics do you search for domains by?

There are a lot of things we look at when finding the perfect domains for you, the most important being the quality of the domain’s backlink profile which should have a mix of authority, power, and relevance. Once we’ve found a domain with a quality backlink profile, RD (Referring Domains) is the main metric we look at for judging the worth of a site.

If you’d like us to hunt domains by certain metrics, you can let us know. However, we pride ourselves in this field and recommend you let us follow our proven methods to ensure the best results.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final once work has started.

How long will it take me to rank?

We can’t answer this for you as there are too many external factors like your on-page, competition, backlinks, and so on. Using SEO domains as money sites or 301s can be a great shortcut, though.

How does the process work if you are building my domains into PBNs?

Once we have sourced your domains, we will be giving you detailed instructions throughout every step. There is nothing you need to worry about yourself to ensure your PBN is set up properly and safely – we’ve got you covered from every angle.

Please see our PBN Setups product page and FAQ for more information about PBN Setups.

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I’ve placed a couple orders of domains with SirLinksalot’s hunting service and have been impressed with the results. Solid domains for my niche that have been a great addition to my network.

Trey P.

The first time I used the service was to find a good 301 domain for an affiliate site that was stuck. These guys definitely know what they’re doing and I can fully vouch for them for ordering quality domains for your SEO.

Jimmy P.

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