9 Link Building Benefits

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The challenge for any website is to make sure that when people search for information relevant to your niche, they find your website and not that of your competitors.

This, of course, is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play.

Link building has always been an important technique in SEO (with many considering it the single most important ranking signal).

Whether you have an online business, a blog, or just have a website as a hobby, good link building strategies can truly determine the difference between a successful and unsuccessful online webpage.

What is Link Building?

Link Building is the process of establishing backlinks on other websites that link back to your own. A backlink, also called a hyperlink or an inbound link, is a connection between two pages that users use to go from one page to another.

They are represented by an anchor text, which is the blue text that you click that takes you from one website to another.

So what you are doing is placing your website’s backlinks on external websites, often of higher authority.

Link building is the process of developing connections and placing these backlinks on various related websites in order to help grow your webpage or ecommerce site.

There are various techniques and methods for building links. While the level of difficulty varies, most agree that link building is one of the most challenging parts of search engine optimization (but also one of the most important).

Link building was a fair bit easier of a process before, but after many changes made to Google’s algorithm over the years, the process became more technical and something that takes a lot of time to do right.

You can’t just acquire as many backlinks as possible these days. Quality and appearing natural is what matters.

The Benefits of Link Building

So far you’ve probably already gathered that link building is extremely beneficial.

While we won’t go into how link building is done in this article, we’ll be guiding you through the benefits of link building and how it can help put you ahead of the competition and grow your website.

1. Improve Your Rankings on Google

Link building made easy.

One of the most important, if not the most important indicator of a website’s authority and status is where it ranks on Google searches… not to mention all the other benefits that brings along with it (more on that later).

The majority of people do not look past the first page of search results on search engines, so improving your ranking is a crucial step to make sure that more people see your content. One way that this is done is through link building.

But how does Google determine which websites are relevant and deserve to be ranked higher than others?

Google and other search engines rank your and other websites based on factors such as authority and reliability. They count the number of backlinks and referring domains that link to your website to help measure this.

The more quality links there are from other websites (especially authority sites) linking back to your website, the more authority and reliability your website has in Google’s eyes – and thus your site is awarded a higher ranking.

2. Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

A site with high traffic and rankings on Ahrefs.

Organic traffic is the term used for users who visit your website through organic (natural) methods – meaning the user makes a search on a search engine and clicks one of the results they find appealing.

This is the opposite of paid traffic (such as Google ads).

One of the best ways to attract more organic traffic from search engines is through link building.

As we mentioned in the previous section, the more quality links you have referring to your website (among other factors), the higher your website will rank.

And the higher your website ranks, the higher the chances are of Google searchers clicking on your website’s link and therefore bringing more organic traffic to you.

3. More Referral Traffic

We talked about the impact of a link on your rankings and organic traffic, but what about its impact on more viewers coming to your website from the linking site? This is known as referral traffic.

A good link on a relevant website can lead to a lot of referral traffic. In addition to SEO benefits, relevant referral traffic can lead to customers and more sales!

There is a difference between getting exposed to a large audience, and a smaller, but very passionate audience. A good link on a quality website with traffic of its own can bring you much more engagement and consistent subscribers than a link on an irrelevant website.

Also, once you have established a permanent link on an authority site, you will be getting referral traffic from that link for a long time – as long as the link remains active.

This is a much more effective and efficient way of accruing traffic over time than traditional advertising methods where once the ad ends, so does your stream of traffic.

Quality backlinks from related websites with focused traffic can therefore ensure that you have constant referral traffic (and organic traffic) and long-term growth.

4. Raise Your Page or Domain Authority

The authority of a website.

Site authority and page authority are two criteria used to determine how trustworthy and reputable a webpage or website is.

Page authority refers to a specific page and predicts how well a web page will rank on search engines.

Site authority, also referred to as domain authority, is a score that gauges a website’s total authority and trustworthiness.

Site authority and page authority are big indicators of how well a webpage of yours may rank in a search query (although Google does not pay attention to third-party metrics – they are just an estimate of Google’s feelings toward a site).

Therefore, these scores give valuable information and are worth paying attention to.

There are various factors responsible for your domain and page score, and there is an overlap between them. Having a strong site authority will positively affect the page authority of each of your web pages, and vice versa.

Most SEO programs use link building as a way to raise sites’ domain and page authority – the biggest factor in increasing your authority scores is adding many links from trustworthy websites with relevant content.

5. Increase Sales and Revenue

Increasing the rankings and traffic to your website opens up new opportunities for generating revenue.

More quality links means higher rankings, higher rankings mean more traffic, and more traffic means more sales!

Not only will you be able to sell more of your products and services, but you will slowly gain access to new streams of revenue. Google AdSense, paid promotions, collaborations with influencers, sponsorships, and affiliate programs are some examples of these streams of revenue.

6. Establish Relationships in Your Niche

Guest blogging allows you to form new relationships.

Part of link building (if you’re not buying backlinks) will involve reaching out to other websites and blogs that share your niche. You are reaching out with the goal of promoting some new content you have created or a new product you want viewers to see.

The ultimate goal of this outreach is to get links on other websites which will bring in more viewers to your website. However, there is more to outreach than just getting links.

One of the long-term benefits of link building is developing long-term connections with other prominent sources in your niche.

Building these connections over time can help make your business become widely regarded and trusted as well as lead to other opportunities down the line.

See: Cold Email Templates for SEO to help with your outreach.

7. Become an Authority in Your Niche

Link building is an excellent way to establish your brand as an authority and leader in your niche.

Readers and viewers are always on the lookout for quality content that they can trust.

One of the benefits of link building in this regard is that by establishing high-quality links across various channels, you are giving credibility to your brand and its content.

Visitors to your website will enjoy the content while having more trust in your brand thanks to the credibility of the websites that linked to you as well as showing up higher in Google’s rankings.

8. Increase Your Brand Visibility

Every website has a different set of online viewers and readers.

So every time you are linked to from a new website, you are exposing yourself to (potentially) thousands of new viewers and readers who will see your content through that link.

This is a win-win for both you and the publication website. They get to refer their visitors to some quality content (yours), and your brand becomes more visible to new audiences.

9. Better Conversion Rate

A trustworthy source linking to your website can increase your conversion rate – or the rate at which users turn into buyers.

When a trustworthy source links to your website, they are instantly introducing your site to a large, receptive, and interacting audience. Thanks to the trust that followers have in these sources, they will instantly trust you more as well.

Benefits of Link Building Wrap-Up

Whichever way you look at it, link building is an invaluable tool in SEO that can bring more traffic to your website, help you improve your rankings, and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you are using a white label link building service or are building links yourself, get out there, get to work, and watch your website grow as more people discover your site and brand.

For a more in-depth look at the benefits of link building, check out this awesome link building case study we put together that grew a site’s traffic 111x in 4 months!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!

Contributing Author: Shervin Abdolhamidi

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