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Welcome to another episode of Live SEO Support!

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But in case you missed us live this week, here’s the full episode:

This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[16:03] A lawyer contacted me to take my rank & rent site down. Do you recommend I register the DBA to avoid this in the future? My URL was using his client DBA, so I got a cease and desist letter.

Yes, it’s best practice to register a DBA for each particular website. You never want to unwillingly “steal” someone’s brand. We think you should rebrand the site and 301 it to a new URL. Make sure you get the DBA for it too (taking into the consideration the extra costs). We recommend Namecheap registrar because they provide free WhoIs privacy.

[25:36] Is the sole purpose of SEO to be #1 in the search engines?

Indeed, from our point of view, SEO is all about trying to rank your targets in the highest positions in the search engine results pages as possible, if not the #1 position.

[33:10] If you had an extra $5K for a project, would you: A) Buy and expired domain for $3K (and spend $2K on content) or B) Buy $5K worth of content on a fresh domain?


I always prefer getting an aged domain over building a fresh website. I rarely use a fresh domain, and I like to 301 niche-relevant pages to it when I do. I just think a carefully modified aged domain has the greater potential to propel you faster in the SERPs than a brand new URL. So even if I had less content to begin with using an aged domain, I would still take the aged domain. Because you don’t really need a ton of content in the very beginning. That can be built over time.

[41:44] I want to use an EMD domain over my 10 year old website. How much juice will I be able to transfer from the old website, and how would you do it?

When you 301 the old site to the new EMD, you’ll be transferring all the backlink juice from the old site to the new one (although it may take some time to resonate). It’s a good idea to repurpose the inner pages on the old site that have powerful, high-quality incoming links. Or you can 301 those backlinks directly to the new EMD depending on the relevance of the permalinks. Also, try to get the new EMD indexed as soon as possible too.

[55:47] With your Managed Link Building service, how would you handle a $1000 budget for sites in the 50-70 DR range that naturally attract backlinks, but could use some help with competitive keywords?

It really depends on what’s going on with the website. We gather important background information on a site through the application and, once approved, we then audit the site to see what’s going on under the hood. To determine the best keywords, we are going to look at the site’s backlinks, anchor profile, keyword distribution and other factors.

[1:01:55] I used Mangools for keyword research. Should I target low-competition keywords (20 – 27 score) with around 1000 monthly search volume for my new domain?

In our opinion, 1000 search volume is probably too high for you and your new domain. You should target easier keywords. Proprietary metric scores can be useful to an extend, but we have a few articles on keyword research that will give you a better idea of how to find low competition keywords.

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