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Welcome to another episode of Live SEO Support!

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But in case you missed us live this week, here’s the full episode:

This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[23:35] How efficient are blog comments these days (do they help SEO)?


I like blog comments a lot, but you need to make sure they are quality and not spam. One thing to avoid when buying cheap packs of blog comments are the offers that deliver ‘BlogSpot’ comments. Instead, you want comments posted on actual blog posts that have a content moderator. The ones that are harder to get will help your rankings. Quality blog comments will provide niche relevance, meaningful information, and show that the person making the comment is relatively active within the community.

[30:10] How do you properly create blog comments?

First, you want to find niche-relevant blog posts that will allow you to leave a comment. An easy way to search for these relevant posts is by using Google search operators to screen results. Our article on Allintitle / Allinurl keyword research is a useful read.

Keep in mind that it’s up to the moderator / webmaster to allow you to post a link in the comments. You will have to find dozens of blog posts in order to get a chance to leave a handful of backlinks, so it can be a time-consuming task for an individual SEO. Also, using Web 2.0 sites is a great way to create free backlinks like comments.

[49:13] I have been working on my e-commerce site for years and I have spent $1000’s on outsourcing SEO services. Still, my website won’t get ranked. What am I doing wrong?

(This is part of a live site audit available on the YouTube live stream)

We recommend anybody that is outsourcing SEO to at least try to understand the basics and figure out what the service provider is doing.

In regard to the audited website in question:

  • The Ahrefs DR (6) is quite low given the # of referring domains (107). This could be due to a lack of authority links and a lot of Web 2.0 spam.
  • It’s a modest-sized website with 80 indexed URLs and 620 keywords.
  • The organic traffic history is a red flag to us (it’s been very volatile / spiky over the past 6 months). Sometimes when a site’s traffic reaches an all-time high, the owner can tend to become aggressive and want to continue hitting the site with money anchors, while neglecting the foundational link building.
  • It’s a good thing that a lot of backlinks point to the homepage.
  • We would build more authority links with Branded and URL anchors (there are already a lot of generic anchors).
  • It seems like the outsourcing service has been focusing on content.
  • It’s good that the website is ranking for a lot of relevant keywords.

[1:07:08] I am wondering what could be the main reason why a website with relatively low DA & do-follow links ranks higher in the SERPs compared to a site that has higher DA & do-follow links. Do you think it’s because black-hat techniques are being used?

Yes, it’s possible that the website is deploying black-hat techniques. Moreover, keep in mind that Google doesn’t pay attention to DA or DR. These are subjective metrics.

It’s more important for a site to have a quality link profile which includes relevant & authoritative backlinks (and relatively low spam) than aiming for a high DA. Also, the quality of do-follow links is more important than the quantity.

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