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This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[23:10] I wanted to ask about ranking positions. Is it normal for pages in the top 10 to fluctuate a position up or down? I have a few articles that just jump around position 6 – 10. Some between 3 and 4. I check my rankings every 3rd day.

It is very normal for rankings to fluctuate around their current position on a daily basis. They rarely stay fixated on a position. However, you can expect the daily changes to decrease or even stop for long periods of time when you reach the top 3 ranking positions. Part of this is because the high traffic flow of the top ranking pages helps to maintain their ranking.

[35:13] I have a website which is not doing well. It has a couple of big money articles that are not on page 1 anymore. I don’t mind going “black hat” with them. What aggressive things can I do?

Simply put, we would never advise our clients to perform aggressive black hat tactics when a site is not performing well in the SERPs. We would take a more conservative approach. You need to focus on rebuilding the Trust Flow. Also, we don’t really understand how poorly the site is doing. 

But if your site is generally still in good health, meaning you didn’t lose a lot of traffic / keywords, then you could definitely be a little more aggressive during a given month. For example, you could focus 50% of your monthly backlinks on inner pages (with exact match anchors) and the other half on the homepage.

[39:41] Do backlink indexers really work these days? If so, can you suggest the best backlink indexer out there?


I stopped using backlink indexers over a year ago because I decided they weren’t really working and they weren’t an efficient use of my time.

We tend not to worry about making sure every single backlink gets indexed. For example, we never try to find out if our pillow links are indexed. Google doesn’t index every backlink that it finds, but that doesn’t mean it’s not registered.


Backlink indexers are unnatural. You are already building backlinks which is technically against Google’s TOS. So why add something else to the mix that’s clearly unnatural such as force indexing backlinks? It’s just not worth the effort.

[1:06:35] Does having non-relevant content on my site that’s unrelated to my niche hurt my rankings?

It doesn’t help your rankings, that’s for sure. Always try to add niche-specific content as much as possible. Sometimes you may need to repurpose old content or try to connect unrelated pages in relevant ways by adding new content. The repurposed content doesn’t even have to be a hub page or anywhere clearly visible to the search user. As long as it gets crawled by Google bots somewhere on your site map, it’s adding Relevance / value.

[1:15:25] Is it easier for huge, authoritative websites to rank their pages compared to smaller sites?

Basically, yes it is much easier for authority sites to rank their content quicker. Especially massive websites (e.g. 10,000 pages) with a ton of referring domains that have established significant Trust Flow with Google. These websites can rank their new content almost instantly in the SERPs (perhaps within an hour). Having a lot of backlinks is a big advantage for them.

[1:20:50] I had an .edu website link to me through an article on one of their subpages. But the link has not shown up in Ahrefs yet. Is there anything I can do to get the backlink indexed?

First of all, you shouldn’t have to worry about links getting indexed in Ahrefs. Google is more important. If the link is from a trusted authority domain, like an .edu, then you can expect it to get indexed at some point for sure. But keep in mind that not all backlinks will get indexed by Google (or Ahrefs). So don’t worry about this issue and don’t try to force index anything.

[1:26:35] Is a 80% homepage link (20% inner page) monthly allocation only suitable for new / smaller sites? How about high DR sites that have thousands of referring domains? Should we still have a certain % of new backlinks to the homepage?

If you have a healthy website with a solid backlink profile (good traffic / rankings), then you definitely don’t need to build 80% homepage / 20% inner pages backlinks. Instead, you can do a 50/50 allocation or even just 20% homepage links (and increase it the following month). Or you can even do 100% homepage links during a given month.

Plus a website that’s already getting high traffic and has thousands of referring domains should naturally be getting homepage links at that point. Our 80 / 20 allocation suggestion was given to a client who had a struggling website that needed an aggressive boost. So we advised him to build 100% homepage links and then slowly decrease that amount to 80% once the website started to improve.

[1:30:40] Should I send 200 links to 200 pages on my money website from a single PBN?

Use your PBN as naturally as possible. You don’t want to get penalized in the SERPs. It’s not best practice to receive 200 backlinks from a single website, regardless of whether it’s a PBN site or not. PBN links are already the least natural backlinks you can get, so don’t push your luck.

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