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But in case you missed us live this week, here’s the full episode:

This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[4:30] Regarding a PBN, what’s a safe amount of links you can send from it to different client sites (not to money sites)? Does it depend on how strong the PBN is?

First of all, no it doesn’t matter how strong the PBN is. There’s also no “golden rule” regarding how many links you can send from a PBN, so long as it’s a natural amount and the PBN is free of footprints which can easily be detected by search engines (e.g. diversifying themes, plugins, hosting). To use our PBN network as an example, we allow clients to have 10 – 15 links pointing to one target site.

[14:23] Is Technical SEO important? Is it required to make a site perform well in the SERPs?

Although we are primarily off-page focused with our sites, we do believe Technical SEO is important to an extent, so we pay attention to aspects like on-page optimization and improving crawlability.

[18:48] I’ve heard that the more you link out, the less each link is worth (as a proportion of overall link juice). But what about news sites that have tons of outbound links?

Interestingly enough, some news sites set a lot of their outbound links as “nofollow”. That being said, you can expect “link dilution” to be an issue if you have a very high amount of links going out from a web page. This problem applies to any type of link whether it’s a PBN or guest post. However, there is a lot of variance across the web in terms of the number of outgoing links from a single page, and sometimes they are completely necessary. That’s why we advise everyone to focus on backlink quality and link diversity first and foremost.

[26:39] Is there a benefit to creating a bunch of Web 2.0′ s to help increase location relevance?

It sounds like you’re referring to building citations on Web 2.0 sites, which is not a technique we actually do. We definitely advise adding citations, guest posts, and niche edits for your target site in terms of Local SEO. Using a couple Web 2.0’s shouldn’t be an issue. However, we advise against creating a lot of Web 2.0’s (i.e. spam) to achieve this goal because it’s unnatural and too risky.

[33:50] Does it matter if I block crawlers / bots that reveal the outgoing links on my PBNs?


I understand that some people worry about others discovering their PBN using backlinks analysis tools. But blocking crawlers is not something I would do. However, if you really wanted to, my advice would be to make sure you’re not leaving footprints such as using the same plugins or blocking the same types of bots from multiple PBN sites. Diversifying everything across the board would be your best safeguard when engaging in such an activity.

[36:20] Can you 301 an aged domain to a brand new website and retain the link juice and domain authority of the redirected site?

Yes, it doesn’t matter if the new site is brand new. You will still receive all the benefits of the old site via a 301 redirect. Passing the authority and trust to a new domain is really the main purpose of a 301 in terms of SEO. However, there may be a time delay for the new site to resonate. Also, we think a fresh domain with no history in the SERPs will take longer to resonate. The 301 process is typically faster if the site isn’t brand new.

[38:52] How do you determine a backlink’s power when link building? Do you refer to a specific “power range” using the metrics from a tool such as Ahrefs?

Different people have their own preferences regarding analyzing or scoring backlink quality. We actually have a useful article that will shed some light on our process of choosing a quality link. Check it out!

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