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[13:58] Would you acquire backlinks from a high traffic site (50 – 100K) that’s associated with a lot of spam links (and ranks for keywords related to gambling and CBD)? If the site was hit with a Google penalty (https://sirlinksalot.co/is-my-website-penalized/), would you be penalized for receiving backlinks?

No, you will not get a penalty for having backlinks from a penalized site unless your link profile heavily reflects similar sites which are also penalized. Having said that, it will be fine to acquire backlinks from the site in question (so long as you maintain link diversity. Even though some people might avoid sites that freely hand out backlinks (e.g., spam), you should be safe so long as you don’t get links from spammy sites all the time.

[18:50] Are there any good alternatives to Ahrefs in 2022?


Ahrefs is still my primary tool. The only other SEO tools I used to gather information is SEMRush and Majestic. But be sure to check out our guide to Ahrefs alternatives to learn about other options.

[21:47] Which is better: tiered link building or establishing your own PBN network?


I rarely do tiered link building except in some cases for social profiles or YouTube videos (i.e., assets being developed for my brand). In my opinion, best practice would simply be to build quality links to your site.


I do a little bit of tiered link building along with pillow linking when I’m developing a new site or when I want to boost a really nice backlink. But I would never order a bunch of links to target it. Having said that, it’s definitely worthwhile to use tiered link building for social profiles because it’s very natural.

A PBN network is a completely different tool. I wouldn’t recommend building one in your case because they’re tricky and require a lot of maintenance.

[26:00] How long should I wait to link from a Web 2.0 site to a money site?

You don’t have to wait! You can start pointing your links immediately.

[31:10] Does adding Topical Authority from PAA questions work for all websites? For example, a blog with 100’s or 1000’s of important posts targeting high volume keywords.

You can provide supporting content for almost anything. Regardless of how competitive your keywords are, you’ll always be able to find related long-tail keywords. Adding topical authority from PAA questions can be a good idea. Anything that shows you are an expert on a topic. The goal is simply to link out to your important pages from your supporting content.

[46:40] How long can you hold aged domains without using them (e.g., building articles) and still keep the link juice?

It’s best practice to have an aged domain that’s always resonating with content. You want it to be established with Google. At the very least, you should keep it on a parking page instead of sitting around in a broken state.

[53:30] What’s better for ranking: HIGH authority or LOW authority links?

Regardless of the type, higher authority backlinks are always better than lower authority. But that doesn’t mean you have to use them all the time. It really depends on your budget and goal. High authority links will be more expensive than low authority links so you’ll get less of them. Some activities, such as diversifying link/anchor profiles, typically demand a higher amount of backlinks so you’ll want a mix of high/low authority.

[1:05:28] What are pillow links?

Pillow links are essentially backlink types that anyone can create for free. They are used as foundational links to establish, protect, and add diversity to websites. They include links such as social profiles, citations, directories, web 2.0’s etc. By the way, we did not invent the term “pillow link”.

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