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Welcome to another episode of Live SEO Support!

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But in case you missed us live this week, here’s the full episode:

This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[9:35] Do unique descriptions for profile links help to index them faster?

It doesn’t seem like something that would influence how fast the links get indexed. Having said that, we often emphasize that we do not pay attention to whether our pillow links get indexed or not (and you shouldn’t either). 

Particularly social profile links, which anybody can make for free in large quantities, and which don’t add that much value to search users these days.

[12:45] Should I add all internal links at the end of articles in H4 headings?

You should use H tags to help Google understand the structure and content of your article. We suggest you focus on adding internal links in your main paragraphs (i.e., contextual links) without forcing them too much.

This is a very natural way to add internal links and it helps the Google crawlers. Also, the links we add at the bottom of our articles are footer links in paragraph tags.

[27:35] Do you guys use Link Whisperer?

We do not use Link Whisperer (or any internal linking tool) because we feel that on-page SEO is a very important activity that we prefer to do ourselves instead of relying on automation.

[33:40] Does IP address matter when creating backlinks?

It’s not really something we worry about. However, we do care about our host IP address when making links on PBN sites, in which case we just use an open source web browser such as FireFox. Also, you should consider masking your IP address when creating a lot of social profile links or Web 2.0’s (for example) to reduce your footprint.

[43:13] What is the optimal amount of content to share per month? 10K or 30K words?

There’s no perfect amount when it comes to sharing content. Best practice is to publish as much quality content as you can afford in terms of your budget/resources etc. The sky’s the limit so long as the content is good.

[46:45] Are normal TLDs (.com or .net) better than newer ones (.xyz)?

For practical purposes, it doesn’t really matter which TLD you use. One reason why we would choose a “normal” TLD such as .com or .net is because they are more familiar or trustworthy to people who aren’t internet savvy (which is kind of a superficial reason).

[51:25] Do you care if backlinks come from a “write for us” blog?

Yes, we definitely care about this and make sure that none of our wholesale backlinks come from these websites. That’s one of our most important quality checks. That being said, “write for us” backlinks can still add some value (especially if you just need free/cheap backlinks). 

Even though they are not something we would ever pursue on a regular basis, we would not automatically nofollow or remove them if we received one, either. Sometimes having a backlink is better than not having one. High-quality backlinks are always our main priority.

[59:15] Are there differences when doing SEO for online stores vs. blogs?


Not for me. Most of my sites are a blend of online store and blog, so I always have informational articles supporting product pages etc.

However, online stores and blogs can be structured differently in terms of on-page SEO, schema, having product reviews and the like. But you would typically want to provide informational content on an online store so having a blogroll is recommended. Regardless, the SEO is basically the same for both types of sites.

Check out this article on E-commerce link building for some tips on doing SEO for online stores.

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