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Welcome to another episode of Live SEO Support!

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But in case you missed us live this week, here’s the full episode:

This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[09:02] Is there any problem if I build two backlinks to different sites on the same post of another site?

Building two backlinks to different sites is a bad idea for PBNs. For guest posts, however, doing it once may be okay as long as you have other outbound authority links. More than once, and it becomes very unnatural very quickly.

[12:20] If I translate some blogs from German to English and proofread it, will Google consider them duplicate content?

If you’re translating blogs, they probably won’t be very high-quality content because the translators you route them through are not perfect. Ultimately, it’s easier and safer, in the long run, to just have new content made.

[15:59] What can I do if my site gets no impressions or clicks for three months, even though the URLs are indexed on Google?

You need to rank higher. Maybe you’re not even coming up for the keyword at all in spite of your URL being indexed.

A few options:

1) Do better keyword research so that you’re not targeting high-competition words and phrases;

2) Match search intent;

3) Write good quality content that is in-line and covers topics fully like other top-ranking articles;

4) Do proper on-page SEO, including your URL, title tag, H1, etc;

5) Make sure your technical SEO is up to snuff (i.e. no keyword cannibalization, etc.);

6) Build backlinks;

7) Give your site time if it is still relatively new.

[19:01] / [38:00] (Site audit) My website was badly hit in the recent Google update. What do you recommend right now: Build links and add content, ditch it and start fresh, or what for the next update?

It depends on the specific website.

The update targeted a lot of things, but authority seems to be the most important factor. Improve your link quality and take note of Web 2.0 spam that a lot of sites are getting now.

At a glance, your anchors are too long and the backlinking looks manipulative, particularly if you’re buying them from Fiverr. The best recourse of action would be to diversify into higher-quality authority links.

I wouldn’t worry about disavowing anything now, but just gradually shift away from the spammy activity and try to gain favor again in the SERPs.

The website itself is fine; however, it’s set up like a PBN: no design, and minimum input into the homepage.

The homepage should act as a hub page showcasing everything going on.

Finally, I would look at the previous algo update and see how it affected affiliate sites and what they did to not get hit.

[24:29] What are your thoughts on Link Whisper?

When it comes to on-page SEO, which includes internal linking, we initially preferred not to ever automate anything. Only you know what you want to link to internally because you know what you want to drive traffic to on your website.

Initially, we were completely against Link Whisper, but we’ve changed our thoughts on it after playing around with it a little bit.

Link Whisper is a good tool to speed things up and help you catch opportunities you might have missed otherwise; but, you still need to do most of the work yourself and not purely rely on automation for your SEO.

[30:47] What should be the maximum number of internal links per post?

There is no maximum. Just don’t make it insane.

If it’s a normal article and not a hub, always ask if adding more links will negatively affect the readability. If it starts getting confusing with all those links, then you have too many.

5-10 is a good rule of thumb, but again, different lengths and subject matters may require more or less. The number one focus should be user experience.

[32:24] What is the best strategy, best anchor text, and best position when putting a guest post on the homepage?

Don’t worry too much about whether your contextual link is at the very top of the guest post or at the very bottom. What you basically want is differentiation when you work with links. With anchor texts, diversification is your friend. Also, keep in mind that branded is king.

[1:04:28] (Health and fitness site audit)

You’re off to a good start.

For a health and fitness site, you need high authority.

Internal linking within your articles to other pages within your site, as well as including outbound authority links, is always going to be a powerful strategy.

Note that new sites can really take a while to get moving. The number one ranking factor is time. Things can take a lot longer than you expect. Don’t start breaking the rules just because things aren’t moving as fast as you might want.

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