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This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[06:45] I am quite scared to generate duplicate content (because the original content would still be indexed under the original domain). I’ve added roughly 24 new articles and also built some links and redirected old backlinks to the homepage. It just seems that an initially French expired domain with English content does not work. So, I would have to move the complete site over to an English expired domain. What do you think?

So, you purchased an expired domain in a specific niche in the French language, meaning all the backlinks and referring domains are in French.

You want to rank for English-based SERPs, so you recreated an English-based website on that domain. When I went through it, it was very niche-relevant and the backlinks are high-quality for that niche.

In my opinion, it’s odd that you’re taking so long to rank. You never said that there were any issues in Search Console.

The way you get an expired domain to have momentum again in the SERPs isn’t just by adding new content and then redirecting all the historical referring domains to the homepage.

If you want to repurpose a site into English, pick up that domain and start doing SEO as-is. For example, if you have a lot of historical inner pages that have a lot of referring domains going into those, rebuild them.

It’s a quick way to get crawlability to the site. Add backlinks as well.

[12:20] If I translate some blogs from German to English and proofread it, will Google consider them duplicate content?

If you’re translating blogs, they probably won’t be very high-quality content because the translators you route them through are not perfect. Ultimately, it’s easier and safer, in the long run, to just have new content made.

[16:26] If I make many backlinks from different articles from the same site, will that increase my DR?

In general, more than one backlink from a nice domain may be okay, but as far as increasing your authority further, I don’t know if you’d get much of a result.

Also, don’t focus on increasing your DR, because nobody cares about it. It’s just a way to judge your competition.

What you should really be doing is increasing your ranking.

People gauge websites by referring domains, meaning links from different domains.

[20:15] If I make multiple backlinks from different pages on the same sites but two backlinks are going to two different sites, is that going to cause any problems with Google?

In general, no, it’s not going to cause any problems.

But if you repeat this a bunch of times, you’ll basically establish what could be considered a “footprint”.

[25:09] (Site audit)

Your main issue is a lack of backlinks and anchors.

Pulling up these blog articles, the first one comes up with zero inner linking.

You need more high-quality authority linking.

A site we worked on recently got almost 150% gain in traffic just from doing some basic stuff like adding a little more content to blog articles, adding more H2s to organize articles better, better internal linking, and better use of hub pages.

Treat this as a recovery: Start building more backlinks naturally to your homepage; do niche edits and guest posts; stay away from Fiverr.

[41:56] How many guest posts to get 20 DR?

Don’t even worry about it. Focus on building quality links and increasing your rankings.

If you’re thinking about your DR for your own ranking, get that thought out of your head and start focusing on doing high-quality SEO, both on-page and off-page factors.

[47:28] What is the best authority checker: DR or DA from Moz?

No one even talks about Moz today. Why go back when you have Ahrefs?

The two most popular ways to check authority now are through Ahrefs and Semrush.

Ahrefs is the king of backlink data. DR is the king of authority measurements.

Semrush is the king of keyword data.

[52:25] Who will win in Web 3.0: SEO or paid ads?

Why not both? Wherever there’s a way to search, there’s a job for people to do SEO.

[57:19] (Health niche site audit) Getting slammed by Korean drug/porn links. It hasn’t really hurt the site too badly overall, but I see the links dropping off now.

I’d leave everything be. Just continue doing high-quality SEO. Unless you see something go very wrong with your site (ex. traffic takes a nosedive), I’d abstain from messing with the spam completely.

Some would say to disavow, but it’s not something we’d personally do.

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