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[09:38] How long after creating a new website can I buy 100 backlinks without being penalized by Google?

You can buy 100 backlinks before you even have your site hosted. The bigger question is “how” you’re building your backlinks. What works for us is sending everything to the homepage at the beginning with natural anchor text (branded anchors, generic anchors, URL anchors, topical anchors, etc.). For the newer SEO, it can add a lot of value by going with fewer backlinks upfront so that you can actually see what kinds of movements occur with the minimum amount of input. As you get better at gauging that, you gain a broader picture of what it all looks like as you become a better SEO.

[20:39] How did you get started in SEO?

Chris and Nick have known each other since high school. Early in his career, purely by happenstance, a co-worker offered him an opportunity to build an SEO company together. In the meantime, Chris was living in South Korea teaching English. As he got older, he got burned out because while he loved to travel, he hated teaching. He started looking for jobs he could do remotely. Around that time, Nick had already been experienced in SEO, and he helped Chris learn more about it. The two never looked back.

[31:05] Which works better: building backlinks directly to the homepage or building backlinks to posts?

We focus a lot on the homepage and what we call “hub pages” which are pages that link to other pages on your website. Usually, we build 50% to the homepage and 50% to inner pages, sometimes leaning more towards the homepage to build authority. Push authority to the homepage, especially early on, and as you see your content lift up in the SERPs with minimal effort (i.e. minimal backlinks), then you can strategically use a couple of backlinks here and there to see how much higher you can get. This way, you minimize waste and do not end up over-optimizing inner pages.

[38:11] Any tips on creating a local business directory in one city? I noticed there are big sites in Google Business, but I think there might be a way to still get traffic using social media and info pages.

It would essentially be like any other website: You’re categorizing things and you’ve got the topic of what the actual website is about. If you’re niched down geographically, then maybe in certain regions you might gain access to some of these SERPs. Could you get traffic there using social media and info pages? Sure, but that’s going to be your own strategy for funneling traffic. Gauge your competition before committing to a plan.

[46:27] If I buy four links from websites that have one million in traffic and up, what would happen to my website? Would I get traffic or rank?

It depends. How niched down is the site? What keywords is it ranking for? In general, the backlink itself matters; but, what also matters is how much content you have on the site and whether it is optimized well. Also, have you done proper keyword research properly and established topical authority? Are you matching search intent? Basically, if you haven’t done any of this right and you just bought four really good links with over a million in traffic, probably nothing will happen. Focus on the fundamentals.

[52:29] I bought a couple of guest post links on a website last year. Recently, I found out that either the posts were removed altogether or at least the links. I emailed my contact where I bought them back then, and he said that the website has been bought by another party and that he got lots of complaints because of all the links that were removed, but he can’t do anything about it. I tried to contact the new owner, but they don’t respond at all. I paid $600 for the links that haven’t been up for even a year. Is there anything I can do, or should I just take my loss on these?

There’s nothing you can do. You could have them replaced if you bought those links from a provider with a guarantee (like us). Otherwise, you’ll have to take the loss.

[56:35] How can you tell if a forum provides dofollow backlinks without signing up/posting on it?

Right-click on the link, view page source, and ctrl+f to find the anchor text. You’ll see whether that tag is dofollow or otherwise.

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