Top Free Social Bookmarking Sites with High DA

The top free social booking marking sites with high DA for SEO.

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Regardless if you’re a veteran link-building enthusiast or someone who’s completely new to it, backlinks from social bookmarking sites are worth procuring when building out a well-rounded link profile.

They’re completely white-hat, and a lot of these high DA social bookmarking sites pack an extremely powerful punch when it comes to ranking in the SERPS.

Not to mention – they’re usually free to get if you want to manually build them yourself!

What are Social Bookmarking Sites?

Social bookmarking sites are websites that allow you to store and share internet bookmarks.

They typically help people like your Aunt Martha post pictures of her cat and organize her thoughts about you being single in the form of posts.

Some examples of social bookmarking sites are Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and so on.

We all use these sites, and at this point in the SEO game, they are an absolute must when it comes to building a natural link profile.

Benefits of Using High DA Social Bookmarking Sites for Links

They are great for getting user engagement and traffic to a newer site.

Before sites rank up in the SERPs, they can use links from social bookmarking sites to get people to their site and begin the process of creating “buzz.”

You can diversify where you get backlinks from since each platform is different.

Each platform has different linking options including profile links, image links, comment links, video embeds, etc. Having link diversity is very important in the ranking process.

You can get high authority links from trusted sites.

The social bookmarking sites in our list include some of the most popular sites on the internet. Their high DA and trust is unmatched by other sites you will be able to easily obtain links from.

They are a natural starting point for newer sites.

Social media sites are a natural starting point for any website to start getting links from. You can safely use these backlinks along with any other pillow-linking techniques to sites that may not even have links yet.

They are a great addition for sites with age that need to acquire new links.

Got an old site that you’re having a hard time finding some pillow links for? Throw more social bookmarking links in the mix. The options are limitless.

There are tons of them.

These social media platforms exist to promote all sorts of things all over the world. You can acquire more and more of them as you build links without running into any problems.

Some of them rank.

Some of these top social bookmarking sites will rank for your brand even before your branded URL will! They are a great way to set up a solid network that will take up the front page of a Google SERP for a brand or anything else.

Most of them are free.

You don’t need to pay for most of these platforms in order to build profiles on them yourself.

They are 100% white-hat.

There is no need to worry about link building penalties with these free social bookmarking sites. These are a natural way to get links that real businesses use.

What Makes a Good Social Bookmarking Site?

  • Authority – DA (Moz) or DR (Ahrefs) are some ways to gauge site authority.
  • Ease of Use  – Could grandma do it?
  • Accessibility – How hard is it to get access and begin using?
  • Rankability – Can it rank on page 1 of the SERPs?
  • Population – Are a lot of people/brands on the platform and actively using it?
  • Competition – Do your competitors have these links? Get them!
  • Cost – Free is the best option of course, though manually doing them will take time.

The Best Free Social Bookmarking Sites for Backlinks

In no particular order, we’ve gone ahead and put together this list of our favorite free, high DA social bookmarking sites you can get links on for your SEO purposes today.

1. Youtube

Cost: Free

Moz DA: 100

Ahrefs DR:  98

Youtube rocks at creating authority and building trust while granting the user the ability to gain a following using their platform. It has over 1 billion users and gets countless video watches every single day.

Not only that, but you can rank these videos all over the SERPs as well!  There is no reason not to be on this insanely powerful social bookmarking platform, even if just for a profile link.

2. Google

Cost: Free

Moz DA: 100

Ahrefs DR:  98

Google is the mega corporate empire that controls the world, and this is a platform you can use to get free links from them and promote your business… you know, in their search engine.

No, I’m not trying to be facetious here, it’s just really obvious that you want this site to be in your network. If you’re doing local, it’s a must when trying to rank in the map pack.

3. Facebook

Cost: Free

Moz DA: 96

Ahrefs DR:  100

Mark Zuckerberg really nailed it when he gave the world one massive playground of a place to lay down posts, groups, and shenanigans of all types with his free site.

Create a profile and get ready to share the most interesting cat photos you can find with nearly 2 billion users.  It’s a great place to share links of all types… and get some as well. 

4. WordPress

Cost: Free

Moz DA: 92

Ahrefs DR:  93

Use this social bookmarking platform to create posts that you can link back from with DoFollow links.

It’s an easy to use platform that basically works like a blogging/journaling site.  It’s a great option for building out a lot of rankable content that can resonate with your brand.

5. Plurk

Cost: Free

Moz DA: 88

Ahrefs DR:  84

This free social bookmarking site allows users to send little snippet messages (Plurks) up to 360 characters long.

Users can talk back and forth on this platform similar to Twitter.  Threads can have up to 300k responses making some threads very popular.

6. Twitter

Cost: Free

Moz DA: 94

Ahrefs DR:  99

About 320 million users get on Twitter every day to yell snippets of thoughts into the abyss that is the internet.

Get your profile on this site and reap the rewards of being able to shout your name from one of the strongest social bookmarking sites out there.

7. Buzzfeed

Cost: Free

Moz DA: 93

Ahrefs DR:  91

Buzzfeed has a section where you can sign up and blog from them similar to other journaling sites. Boasting high authority and ease of use, Buzzfeed makes for a great social bookmarking site to be on.

8. Pinterest

Cost: Free

Moz DA: 94

Ahrefs DR:  97

Over 100 million people use this free social bookmarking site to share or help make purchases on various products. Share images of all types and get people promoting all sorts of products. Pinterest is a great platform worth getting links off of.

9. Reddit

Cost: Free

Moz DA: 91

Ahrefs DR:  95

Considered a social news aggregator, Reddit makes for a great platform to use as a link building or brand building influence. Registered members can submit links, images, or whatever they want… and users will up or down vote them.

It’s ease of use and ability to interact with millions of users worldwide make this one of our top picks for social bookmarking sites to be on.

10. Goodreads

Cost: Free

Moz DA: 93

Ahrefs DR:  92

Goodreads is a catalogue of books, annotations, and book related reviews.  Sign up, make a reading list, and show everyone how well read you are! 

But while you’re at it, realize that this is a huge social media site that boasts 20 million monthly visits.  Popular as it is, it’s definitely a profile worth having.

11. Instagram

Cost: Free

Moz DA: 93

Ahrefs DR:  99

Though it’s not that big of a SERP influencer from the perspective of links, looking at traffic value you can generate makes this platform very worthwhile.

Some 67% of brands have accounts on Instagram, and just under 500 million active monthly users are browsing.  Especially if you’re selling products, Instagram is a must-have free social bookmarking site.

12. Ted

Cost: Free

Moz DA: 94

Ahrefs DR:  92

Yes, it’s the same TED from the inspirational TED Talks you love to watch! It’s a little harder to get, but you can get a profile link from these guys that lets everyone know what an inspirational business you have!

This is usually one of the links your competitor doesn’t have, and doesn’t know they can get.

13. Linkedin

Cost: Free and Paid

Moz DA: 98

Ahrefs DR:  98

The #1 source for professionals or Facebook for the more refined, career-oriented grownup. Get on this site and be connected to every suit in tie in every town around the globe.

If business is your language, then Linkedin’s 400 million users are ready to listen and share to what you have to say.

14. Medium

Cost: Free

Moz DA: 96

Ahrefs DR:  94

These seem to rank pretty well for brand terms and overall give you a boost in authority. Use this high DA social media site to actively journal about your brand and send backlinks where you need them.

15. Diigo

Cost: Free

Moz DA: 89

Ahrefs DR:  85

Diigo is a place where people can sign up and tag other web pages, dissect them, highlight certain parts, etc.

Diigo is an acronym for “Digest of Internet Information, Groups, and Other stuff,”  so you can expect this to cater to a wide array of audiences.

16. Flickr

Cost: Free

Moz DA: 92

Ahrefs DR:  95

Need to share some videos or photos? This is a good spot to do that.  About 1 million photos and videos are shared every day by about 115 million users.  Another great authority site worth getting a profile on.

17. Soup.io

Cost: Free

Moz DA: 89

Ahrefs DR:  89

With just under 4 million users, Soup.io is a top social bookmarking site to get a profile on. Use this platform to upload images, comments, or even files. 

Easy to access and easy to use, Soup.io is another social media site worth being on.

18. Quora

Cost: Free

Moz DA: 93

Ahrefs DR:  91

This Q&A site is a great resource when it comes to building out your social bookmarking profile. Used by around 85 million people, we would say it’s definitely popular enough to warrant attention.

You can be sure that if you are posting a question you’ll probably get a response, and you’ll probably be able to answer someone else’s question for a backlink or two if you look for those as well.

19. Disqus

Cost: Free

Moz DA: 93

Ahrefs DR:  92

Disqus is considered a “blog comment hosting service” used to network other social media sites and people together. It gets about 150 million monthly visits, making it a high authority social website to be on.

20. Tumblr

Cost: Free

Moz DA: 88

Ahrefs DR:  95

Tumblr isn’t the greatest social bookmarking platform when it comes to ease of use, but it does work well to build authority. You can get these ranking for brand terms in the SERPs as well.

Tumblr is sort of a mix between Twitter and Facebook.  Tumblr has about 200 million blogs hosted on it with plenty of places to interact and get links from.

Top Social Bookmarking Sites List Wrap-Up

Social bookmarking sites are a great starting point for getting backlinks for any site, or to help gain a well established site extra authority.

These days it seems like most everyone is just sticking to the big names like Facebook and G+, but there is a whole world of social sites to get your profiles set up on.

We highly recommend acquiring them because not only are they very safe to use – they help you rank as well.

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