Charles Floate on DOMINATING Google With Parasite SEO

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Charles Floate has over a decade of doing SEO, has a Twitter account with 60k+ followers, has spoken at countless SEO conferences across the world (and even has his own), puts out a ton of SEO courses, and also does SEO consulting.

And he’s recently put out a brand new parasite SEO course!

In today’s podcast episode, we talk to him about how he uses parasite SEO to dominate Google and achieve an insanely high ROI on competitive, high-ticket affiliate keywords.

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Watch the Podcast:

Podcast Summary:

Parasite SEO and its Advantages

Charles Floate discusses the power of parasite SEO, leveraging high-authority domains to rank quickly in search results. He emphasizes the importance of thorough analysis before diving into a SERP. Spending hours analyzing a niche can help determine if it’s worth pursuing. The ability to rank quickly gives SEOs leverage, especially when negotiating with affiliate programs.

AI’s Impact on SEO

Charles believes AI won’t kill SEO but acknowledges its transformative power. He mentions tools like Harpa AI, Chat GPT, Descript, and Synesthesia as game-changers in the industry. Shopify’s integration of AI is highlighted as a significant advancement, helping users with less technical expertise.

The Importance of Foundational SEO

Many SEOs overlook foundational aspects of SEO, such as setting up social profiles, ensuring a good user experience, and optimizing checkouts. Charles stresses the importance of returning to these basics before diving into more advanced strategies.

Future Plans and Projects

Charles shares his plans for the upcoming year, including launching an eBook, opening a new training store, and hosting an online SEO conference. He also touches on his decision to focus more on his own events and less on speaking at other conferences.

Article by: Chris Tzitzis
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