7 Ways You Benefit from Guest Blogging

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If you’ve been doing your online marketing research right, chances are you’ve definitely come across the topic of guest blogging, otherwise known as guest posting. So let’s cut to the chase: why is guest blogging important?

In a nutshell, guest blogging is one of the most powerful inbound marketing strategies out there. In what seems like a contradictory strategy for content marketing, it involves contributing to the output of written content for another company’s website through blog posts.

By submitting content to be published for other blogs and sites within your market, guest posts can promote brand awareness and develop helpful business relationships.

We get into how it all works here by breaking down the benefits of guest blogging.

Grow Your Backlink Profile

Grow your backlink profile with guest blogging.

To start, link building opportunities are one of the greatest benefits of guest blogging (if not the greatest). By linking to your site from the high-quality content that you put out on other blogs through guest posts, you can grow your backlink profile and boost your site’s SEO.

And as you probably know by now, backlinks are one of the strongest factors that influence your SEO and organic rankings.

A common method of compensation for guest content is allowing contributors to link to their own sites. This can be in the form of contextual links within the article itself or in author bios found at the top or bottom of the post.

A quality backlink profile validates your site value in the eyes of search engines like Google and improves search engine visibility. Just like that, guest blogging can tie your business to relevant keywords and thus help to optimize your off-page SEO and pull in larger amounts of organic traffic.

While some websites will not allow you to link to your own site to promote it on your posts, most sites are okay with links to other guest posts you might have written. This provides an opportunity to diversify the type of backlinks to your site, with this being an example of tiered link building (beefing up your existing backlinks with links of their own).

More than the sheer number of backlinks your guest posts produce through the number of sites you guest blog on, it’s important to guest post on relevant, reputable sites in your niche. One measure of a site’s reputation is its authority (DA/DR).

But that’s not the only metric to pay attention to. You can read more about what makes a quality backlink here.

In order to reap these amazing link building benefits, you need to produce useful and engaging content. The best sites – think authoritative and relevant to your market – publish the best content.

Needless to say, a widespread presence of valuable backlinks is essential to growing your brand. Spending your time crafting quality content for quality blogs is an organic and limitless way to maximize your site’s SEO potential.

Exposure to Additional Traffic

A site with high traffic and rankings on Ahrefs.

Another tremendous benefit of guest blogging is that it involves showcasing your brand to a wider audience. You are essentially branching out to another blog and relying on a new and different audience to read your business insight.

In other words, writing for other blogs and their various audiences is an incredibly practical and cost-friendly way to get direct exposure. Especially if your business is relatively new, a guest blog post is an opportunity to drive up leads from a target audience that you don’t have reach for yet.

In turn, targeted exposure through guest blogging (or guest post swaps) generates additional traffic for your business. This means backlinks and other promotional content that links guest posts to your business are great ways to bring in traffic to your site through its expanded platform for publicity.

Think of guest posts as the points of entry to your website that you’re in charge of decorating. Now how appealing the various entryways to the palace that is your website is to readers depends entirely on your writing.

Put simply, guest blogging allows you to control what kind of exposure you get from whom. You get to choose how you want to present your business and on what kind of sites. As with other targeted marketing strategies, a well-thought-out post will bring in the right kind of traffic from interested parties.

Gain Credibility and Authority

Guest posts are a sure-fire way to show off your expertise within your industry. At the end of the day, informative and reliable content that you and your business sign off on earns trust and respect from readers.

Specifically, establishing yourself as a credible source of market information effectively convinces clients that your business is trustworthy. Potential customers who are on the fence about your services can be relieved to find that your business is dependable, while current customers can be reassured to stay.

Of course, the more reputable a blog you collaborate with, the more credible you become as a source of information within your niche. In the same way, publishing content for a prominent company with a distinguished domain authority can pump up link juice and gain you secondhand authority.

As we mentioned before, becoming approved to be a guest blogger on an authoritative site involves having a consistent repertoire of top-notch pieces. In this case, high-quality content proves your credibility and strengthens your authority.

While it may take some time to earn your credibility as a blogger, the authority your business and voice will gain in the process is definitely worth it.

Building Relationships Within Your Niche

Guest blogging allows you to form new relationships.

By submitting to other blogs or even accepting other guest bloggers, guest blogging can open your brand up to valuable networking opportunities within your niche. It is a rewarding way to develop and maintain connections with prospective customers or collaborators.

The comments section, usually found at the bottom of articles, is an especially convenient place to engage in open dialogue with members of the community. It is important to reply and engage with as many comments as you can on each guest blog you post on.

Some readers may even like your blog post so much that they directly hit you up for more information through the contact information in your bio. Other times, you develop mutually beneficial business relationships with the blog owners or editors themselves, exchanging content and valuable information with each other.

From the opportunity to engage in mutually beneficial shop talk with market peers to long-term guest blogging opportunities, guest blogging is a great way to reel in collaborations as well as set up a dependable industry support group that you can look to for help.

In short, guest blogging gives you a chance to build lasting industry relationships with other blog owners, writers, and editors who are also experts in your field. As with any industry, having a support network of professionals to tackle challenges and derive ideas from can only facilitate the success of your business.

Increase Brand Awareness

The more websites you guest blog on, the more exposure other readers will have to your brand whether they decide to click the backlink to your site or not.

Very similar to branding ad campaigns, this exposure to your brand really adds up over time and can lead to increased traffic, conversions, and more.

Customers prefer to buy from brands that they know and trust – and what better way to build trust than to be remembered by other content pieces within your niche?

Boost Your Social Media Presence

SMM is highly used today.

Most blog posts can be shared on social media, which means that every guest post you contribute is an opportunity to go viral. Depending on how good and relatable your content is, guest blogging can give you and your company a huge boost in social media presence.

A readership following can be converted into a social media following by linking your social media profile to your bio. If you’ve developed a distinct voice through your guest blog post content, chances are that your readers are interested in seeing more of you and will start following your socials.

Growing your social media following is not only helpful for promoting your brand to the masses, but it is also a definite way of boosting visibility on search engines. Expressly, high-quality content attracts likes and shares on social media. The more likes and shares your stuff gets, the better.

Whether it’s through an easy-to-read infographic on your guest post that’s been shared by a couple of people or from the direct appreciation of readers, guest blogging is an awesome opportunity to garner those social media points. This is a huge plus considering how crucial social media marketing is for a successful online business.

Amplifying your social media presence can open more doors to networking among your industry peers. If you garner a significant amount of followers, influencers and other market leaders that you would have otherwise struggled to get in contact with are suddenly right at your fingertips.

Discover New Business Opportunities

Just as networking opportunities abound in the dialogue-friendly world of blogging, guest posting for blogs can invite substantial business opportunities. Especially as an established guest writer, putting yourself out there for collaborations and projects can be rewarding.

Being a recognizable and credible source opens doors to a wide range of customers. While some posts will generate traffic and leads, some other posts may inspire a business partnership or special service request that turns a reader into a customer.

You can leverage your credibility and appeal as a seasoned guest blogger for new business ventures that may not involve your particular niche. Not only does your blogging history certify you within your own market, but it also serves to back your reputation as a solid business player in general.

For instance, guest blogging can paint your business in a positive, reliable manner to non-niche investors who may not have a lot of knowledge about your business. Alternatively, your authority as a guest content writer may attract other businesses in your niche that want you to help them out.

Whether it’s related to your guest blogging content or not, you can expect high-quality writing to expand your business options. You’ll never know what kind of products or services you will discover you have the authority to offer until you get started.

Benefits of Guest Blogging Wrap-Up

When you do it right, the benefits of guest blogging create one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing and SEO available today. This packed list of advantages is proof enough that it would be too big of a loss to not take some serious time to think about investing in creating content for other blogs.

Especially for newer businesses that have to build up relationships with their customers and market peers, guest blog posts are a wonderful way to start. It’s essentially when modern-day PR and SEO tactics are fused into one formidable force of digital clout chasing.

From bringing in organic traffic to installing quality backlinks to sites, guest blogging helps a lot of people reach their inbound marketing goals. While not all blogs accept guest submissions, blogging is clearly a worthwhile marketing strategy that lures in quality traffic across the internet.

Read more: Guest Blogging Best Practices.

Ultimately though, the powerful benefits of guest blogging are only viable when the blog posts themselves are high quality and valuable sources of information. While it won’t happen overnight, consistency is the key to unlocking this level of content marketing.

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