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Footprints are one of the best ways (if not the best) to find websites in your niche that it’s possible to get guest posts on. The mega list of guest post footprints we’ve compiled for you is sure to keep you busy finding guest post sites for a long time!

If you found this article in Google, you are probably well aware of exactly what footprints are and how to use them. But for everyone else, we’ll first go over the basics of footprints, Google search operators, and how to use these extremely powerful tools.

What are Footprints Anyways?

For SEO purposes, footprints are common occurrences on websites that can give you a good idea that they are doing something a certain way.

Guest post footprints are indicators that a blog accepts guest posts, and when used properly they can cut down your search time substantially.

A common example of this would be having the words “submit an article” appear somewhere on the website. A site doesn’t necessarily accept guest posts just because those words appear on it, but with a little digging (or perhaps an email) you can find out for sure.

Google Search Operators

Google search operators are special commands you can use when submitting a Google search that help to refine your search in different ways.

Combined with our knowledge of common guest post footprints, we have a recipe for an extremely powerful method in which you will be able to find guest posting sites by the hundreds if not thousands.

There are a lot of search operators, but instead of going over them all we’ll just hit on the ones that you’ll be using here.

Specific Query – When you put text inside of quotation marks, it searches for websites with those exact words in that exact order on their website.

ex: “submit an article” finds websites with that exact phrase on the website.

Title Search – Use the search operator intitle:keyword to find websites that have that keyword in a page title. You can also use allintitle:keywords to find sites with page titles with a comination of keywords.

ex: “intitle:SEO” finds pages with “SEO” in the title.

ex: “allintitle:SirLinksalot SEO” finds pages with both SirLinksalot and SEO in the title.

URL Search – This one is just like title search except with URLs isntead of titles. You can use both inurl:keyword and allinurl:keywords as well.

ex: “inurl:SEO” finds pages with SEO in the URL.

ex: “allinurl:SirLinksalot SEO” finds pages with SirLinksalot and SEO in the URL.

Site Search – Using site:domain keywords will allow you to search a specific site for those keywords. This one is a bit different in that it won’t allow you to find many sites at once but is rather used to find information about a specific site.

ex: “site:SirLinksalot.co guest post footprints” searches our site for pages with those keywords.

Guest Post Footprints List

Here is a huge list of guest post footprints we’ve put together that will help you to find guest blogging opportunities with Google search operators.

“Add Content” “Submit Post” “Bloggers wanted” “Guest post” “Submit a guest post”
“Become a guest blogger” “Guest post guidelines” “Submit an article” “Want to write for” “Blogs that accept guest blogging”
“Blogs accepting guest posts” “Contribute” “Submit news” “Submit tutorial” “Suggest a post”
“Become an author” “Become a contributor” “Places I guest posted” “Publish your news” “Guest post by”
“Guest contributor” “This is a guest article” “Add article” “Submit article” “Add guest post”
“Guest bloggers wanted” “Guest posts roundup” “Write for us” “Submit guest post” “Submit a guest article”
“Guest bloggers wanted” “Group writing project” “Blogs that accept guest posts” “Blogs that accept guest bloggers” “Become a contributor”
“Community News” “Submit blog post” “Suggest a guest post” “Contribute to our site” “Become a guest writer”
“My guest posts” “Submission guidelines” “This guest post was written” “This guest post is from” “Now accepting guest posts”
“The following guest post” inurl:guest-post-guidelines inurl:guest-posts inurl:write-for-us


Using the Footprint List

To use these footprints, Google them together with your niche.

For example, a Google search for SEO “submit a blog post” would return results of sites that had both “SEO” and “submit a blog post” on the page, giving a good chance that the site is readily accepting article submissions and is in the SEO niche.

Using these footprints in conjunction with software like Scrapebox can really be a game changer. This will send a bot to make the searches for you and make note of the domains/URLs that come up for your search query.

You can then reach out to the site owners via email to discuss how you can get an article on their sites yourself, or pass it off to a VA or auto emailer if you choose to go that route.

This will allow you to to accumulate a massive guest post list!

Guest Post Footprints Wrap-Up

Now that you’ve read this article, you have a good understanding of what footprints are, what search operators are, and how to use these things together in a powerful way.

I have no doubt that you will be finding more guest blogging sites than you know what to do with using our guest post footprints list in no time, and be sure to check out our articles on best practices for guest blogging  and the benefits of guest blogging for more information.

If you have any other footprints to find guest posts you’d like to share, go ahead and drop them in the comments. Enjoy!

Chris Tzitzis

Chris Tzitzis


Chris Tzitzis is an SEO and a Co-Founder of SirLinksalot.co. He has extensive experience with Affiliate SEO and running an SEO Agency.

Chris Tzitzis

Chris Tzitzis


Chris Tzitzis is an SEO and a Co-Founder of SirLinksalot.co. He has extensive experience with Affiliate SEO and running an SEO Agency.

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  1. ali ahmad

    Excellent post by Chris Tzitzis. I am desperately looking for guest posts for my website related to niche “recipe”. I guess the footprint for my niche will be below

    recipe “submit article”
    “recipe” “write for us”

    Kindly guide me a bit more in this regard. Also, guide me to find paid guest posts.

    • Chris Tzitzis

      Hey Ali –

      That’s correct. Depending on which footprint you’re using, you will either be able to find information on the page/site about guest posting, submit a guest post yourself, or at least know that they are accepting guest posting so that you can email them about it.

      If you need to send them an email, you can read our advice and examples of cold outreach emails for guest posting.

  2. Xavier

    The editing of older niche posts is genius! I’m continuing to learn so much. Cheers.

  3. Stacy

    I didn’t know free submission sites existed. Really like the idea of finding sites that are looking for contributors.


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