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This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[15:00] Can you please talk about Punycode domains (foreign language characters, i.e. Chinese or Japanese domains)? Do you think with ChatGPT and AI that pretty soon foreign language domains will be a regular thing?

In general, it’s probably a good idea to stick to English for now. Even if I’m hunting powerful domains, I want those that I can type with my own keyboard. Whether ChatGPT and AI will change the game is a bridge we’ll cross when we get to it. It’s not really on our radar right now.

[24:51] (Marketing niche site audit) Admittedly, the majority of the articles are crap as they are a means for passive income in the form of guest posts mostly written by foreign writers. My site got hit pretty decently in November/December from one of the previous major algorithm updates, and I wanted to know if anyone could offer any advice on how to go about finding which links may be harmful to the high-traffic articles that got signed.

There is a solid DR of 58. Their traffic used to be quite a bit higher then averaged around 7-8000 traffic before dropping down to under 2000. It looks like a link farm. There is a lot of generic content and stock photos that look like those you can buy on Fiverr. There’s no actual Meet the Team page, and there are no links to author pages. It seems a plugin was used to eliminate author metadata, so there is no connectivity between who wrote the article and the author page. It’s an orphan page with no connectivity to the blog roll. In other words, there is no inner linking. Anchors are a mixed bag, with many anchors used multiple times, and a lot of low-quality spam.

[41:48] I got negative SEOed, and it messed up my backlink profile. It injected a lot of exact-match keywords. What should I do?

It affected your backlink profile, but did it actually affect your rankings? A lot of people like to disavow links proactively on a monthly basis. In our case, we don’t like to disavow unless the rankings start to go down and we’re 100% sure there is no other problem but the links.

[47:44] (site audit) I’m looking to rank for the keywords “sell my house fast Columbus.” I’m currently ranking #8 overall for the keyword with higher DA, PA, and CF than the current top 3 (the other sites in the screenshot are larger national sites), and have a SurferSEO content score of 80 (higher than the top 3). In addition, my core web vitals rank better than the current top 3. I’m really racking my brain here on why I’m ranked 8th while these sites are ranked above with inferior metrics.

We don’t look at DA, PA, and CF because these are third-party (i.e. not Google) metrics. The Surfer content score doesn’t matter much, either. Neither do core web vitals. The best judge of authority is Ahrefs. Look at how well your page is optimized, your topical authority, and link relevancy. Everything is perfect for the pages that you have—but you only have six pages. Keep that content train going. You have a phone number but no contact page, which you should have. Your blog articles have no authors, and the articles are all relatively short. There is a lot to be desired from the site itself. Look at what your competitors are doing and imitate that. Given that you’re on page one with a lot of linking going on, we’d focus on content.

[1:04:28] (site audit)

You’ll have much better results once you beef up your inner linking. You have some insanely long anchor texts to Amazon affiliate links at the very top of your articles. As far as conversions go, this site looks very outdated: There are big walls of text and not too many images, and you’ve split your article into paragraphs made up of single lines. I’d work on the look of the site itself and get your blog more in line with how articles are typically written and formatted these days.

[1:20:19] My site was down during the December update and has not recovered yet. I’m not sure what happened since I’m regularly updating the content. What could be the issue?

In December, there was a content spam update and a link spam update. If you went from 500 impressions down to zero, it was probably the content spam update that hit you. These things don’t always correct themselves very quickly. You just have to keep moving forward.

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