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3,000+ words of unique content on premium themes.


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Lead Gen Sites and You

Uses, Safety, and Prerequisites

How to Use

Our local lead generation websites are done-for-you website builds with a focus on local SEO optimizations. They are the starting point for quick rankings.

Hat: White Hat

Our Lead Gen Sites are completely Google-safe and White Hat. Everything is built using industry best-practices to ensure trust and security with Google.

Site Health

Lead Gen Sites are the foundation for your future SEO efforts in a new local niche. We bring our years of experience to ensure they are built properly.

Lead Gen Sites Built for You 

Sites built by experienced lead generation website builders.

Local Optimized Websites Done Right

Through years of work ranking local sites, we have perfected the art of website creation and knowing what Google wants to see. All of our sites are hand crafted by highly trained team members following our time-tested processes so you no longer have to worry if you are doing it right. From schema to page speed to site structure, we’ve got all the technical stuff taken care of to get you started on your journey to dominate the SERPs.

Built to Rank on Google Quickly

With over 3,000 words of unique, handwritten content on multiple pages in correct silo structure with more features, optimizations, and tweaks than we can list here (see the table below), our local lead-gen sites are ready for the next step without any further work by you. Leverage our team to be your personal growth-hack for scaling your or your clients’ businesses to the next level with these feature-rich local websites builds that are ready to begin their journey to page 1 right out of the box.

Websites for Every Niche

Whatever your needs or niche are, our team is ready to work with you to get the local-optimized website you need. Our sites are created on premium themes with conversion focused designs to make sure they do their job – to generate traffic and leads. Be as detailed as possible when placing your order, and our team will get to work building the site you need to dominate your niche and competition. No matter your type of business, we can deliver a website that looks and feels the part.

Get More Leads with Additional Properties

Whether you are a business owner, a client-getting SEO monster wanting to rent multiple spots on page 1, a rank-to-rent empire builder, or whatever else, our sites get you where you need to be – on your way to the front page and ready to convert all that precious traffic. Think outside the box and make our local lead-gen sites work for you to generate more traffic, leads, and revenue for your or your clients’ business.

Feature-Rich Local Website Builds

All builds come with these General, Local, Security, and Page Speed Optimizations.



  • Premium WordPress Site
  • 3000+ Words of Content
  • 5 Service Pages, 5 Areas Pages, TOS, Contact, and Privacy Pages
  • Custom Logo and Design
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Keyword Research
  • Longtail Suggestions
  • Keyword Clustering
  • Long Term Content Strategy Reports
  • White Labeling – Theme Ghosting and Custom Login


  • Niche Pages
  • Service Pages
  • Brand Pages
  • JSON Schema Setup
  • AMP Setup (Optional)
  • CRO Optimized CTAs


  • Custom Login URLs
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Local Brute Force Protection
  • Network Brute Force Protection
  • Strong Passwords
  • Misc WordPress Tweaks
  • File Change Detection
  • Database Backups
  • 404 Detection

Page Speed

  • Image Optimization with Kraken/Shortpixel API
  • Server Side Image Scaling
  • GZIP and Minified CSS
  • Page and Browser Cache
  • CDN Setup
  • Before and After Reports

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How it Works

Our simple, hassle-free process

Place Your Order

Select your build and any add-ons you wish to add to the site, and give us some general information about your site, niche, and needs.

We Build the Site

Our experienced site-building team designs and builds your site according to your needs and specifications. Turn around time is usually about two weeks.


Begin Your Journey!

That’s it! Your site is done and ready to begin its journey to the front page. A full report is delivered with the website upon completion of our work.

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All Builds are SEO Friendly and include All features from the above section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please Read before Contacting Us.

What niches or types of companies can you do?

We can make lead generation sites for any niche or type of company, with a wide variety of different styles and visual appearances for you to choose from.

Can I add my own images and content?

Yes, you can provide any type of content for us to include when building your site – just send the files over to us. Anything that is not provided will be created by us.

Can you make me a logo?

Yes, we can provide a logo for you if you do not provide one for us to use. But please note that logos are not the focus of this product, which is a local website that is fully optimized for local SEO and ready to rank ASAP.

Can you rebuild my site?

It is possible for us to rebuild your site, but it will depend on the site size and how it’s been built. Please contact us at info@sirlinksalot.co prior to placing your order so we can consult with you about the project.

How long will it take to rank my site?

This is not something we can answer for you. We are providing you with the shoes, but you still have to run the race. We are giving you the best start possible, but there are many other factors to consider – your niche, your competition, and most importantly your backlinks. If you need help with ranking your site, you might be interested in our Managed Link Building program.

How long will it take for my site to be finished?

It typically takes us about two weeks from when your order is placed for us to complete your lead gen site.

Can you make my site look like X?

If you have an idea for what you want your site to look like, that makes our job even easier. Show us examples of the appearance you are going for before work is started, and we will discuss with you options to get you the results you want.

However, the focus of these websites is their SEO optimization and ability to rank quickly and generate leads. If you are looking for a high-end, fully-custom website, you will need to look elsewhere (and end up paying quite a bit more than our prices).

Our lead gen sites very much fall in line with the quality level of other top ranking local sites. But please realize the limits of what we can provide by offering fully-optimized local sites at a price much lower than the large majority of our competition.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final once work has started.

What niche should I pick?

That’s totally up to you! We’ve written an article on the best lead generation niches that might be worth your time.

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SirLinksalot local lead gen sites was exactly what I needed to help my agency scale. When onboarding new clients, I order them one of these sites if their current site needs a lot of work. The Sirlinksalot team consistently delivers fully optimized sites that are ready to rank quick.

Mitch W.

I’m heavily into the rank to rent market, and the Sirlinksalot Local Fortress build is how I start every new project. What you get for the price is crazy… you can easily pay 5 times the price for similar products out there, and they work with you to get exactly what you had in mind. These are some of the cheapest and high quality lead generation websites for sale I’ve seen.

Tolga C.

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