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But in case you missed us live this week, here’s the full episode:

This Week’s Archived Livestream:


[19:32] Troubleshooting Joseph’s site in the outdoor sports niche hit by the recent algo update.

[34:08] I have a site in the tech niche and am following the KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) method to make a space for myself in that niche. Could you please guide me on initial link building? At the moment, I have done 50 citations and social media accounts (to the homepage).

Don’t hold anything to exact percentages. Just consider what would be natural. At the very beginning, depending on the size of your site, compare yourself to your competitors for the SERPs that you’re going after, and see where they resonate. Attempt to recreate your observations over time. Don’t go too crazy with your backlinking methods; but go ahead and throw in guest posts, niche edits and other natural backlinks.

Read more about how we usually do keyword research.

[44:07] Web 2.0—do they still work? I see so many SEOs creating them.

Yes, but not like they did before. They’re still really valuable, but you have to treat them more like a “real” website: Give them unique content, go natural, link out to other authoritative websites, and make them look like active blogs. Look at Web 2.0’s as a support tool rather than as a primary tool.

[47:38] What’s a better way of selling SEO packages? We’re currently doing it by a number of keywords but want to understand and explore other methods.

There is always a risk that you will not get your clients those keywords. The ultimate way you should be selling your SEO packages is a monthly that’s based on creating an influx in exposure in the SERPs for them. Switch your expectation from number of keywords to increased traffic. You can price this according to the expected amount of sales that would be closed given the increase in traffic.

[53:18] I see a lot of guest posting websites whose DAs are manipulated and reach 50+ within a month’s time. They mostly redirect links from Google, it seems. I’m extremely wary of getting backlinks from such sites but also very tempted! Your thoughts?

When you’re judging the value of a site, check the backlink profile. What you’re not looking for is perfection. It’s natural for sites to pick up spam. Manipulating third-party metrics doesn’t really make the site look trustworthy or natural in Google’s eyes. So long as you’re diversifying your link profile and the majority of what you’re doing is clean, you will likely get away with it. Sites that artificially inflate metrics using tons of Google redirects are something we stay away from.

[57:53] I have a page called “web design company in Mumbai” and also a blog post with the same heading and slightly different URL. When I search “web design company in Mumbai”, the SERP lists pages, not posts. Should I nuke the post off my website to avoid cannibalization?

Google sees URLs—not pages and posts. If there’s overlap between pages and posts, you can pull off one of them. The most important on-page changes you can make are to the Title and H1. If you have them optimized on two different pages with the same keywords, it will most likely affect cannibalization in some way. You want to de-optimize the page that you don’t want to rank for by changing the title or the heading, and make sure, overall, that the page is not targeted too heavily for that keyword.

[1:05:14] Are guest posting footprints a thing in non-English SEO?

Yes. Any kind of website that can be used to manipulate data can have potential footprints; although non-English SEO is said to be more “lax”—you can get away with more.

[1:09:24] How would you utilize a $3k budget, link-building wise? 

Diversify away from your spammy link profile and spammy anchor profile. The main recommended tool for this, for its cost-to-quality ratio, are our barrage niche edit packages. These are low-authority niche edits coming out to around $20 per link. You’ll basically be diversifying with the barrage and pumping authority in.

[1:15:19] How do you implement EAT?

Demonstrate your Expertise by blending into the pack, covering information fully with quality content, and don’t go against the grain too much with your content. Get the Authority of your site up by being linked from other authoritative sources. Build Trustworthiness by including author bylines, your privacy policy, a contact page that is easily found on your site, etc.

[1:22:50] How are you approaching passage indexing and page structure?

With indexing, don’t force it. If it’s an absolute must, you can do specific link blasts—although this is a type of spam, which isn’t the ideal. Let things index naturally. However, always keep your backlink campaigns going as well. With page structure, you can help indexation by making sure you’ve got your inner linking going well. Create a crawlable happy space that keeps people and crawlers on your website.

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